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Ready for the Run

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Rebecca Austin (Moir)

Senior Physiotherapist


Rebecca graduated in New Zealand in 2009 and has gained significant experience in Musculoskeletal and Womens Health Physiotherapy, working in Australia and London.

Rebecca has a keen interest in sports biomechanics and post and pre natal womens health. Rebecca is also highly experienced in both the Reformer and Matt Pilates which fits in with her interest of spinal and pelvic stability, posture and deep core retraining. Her personal philosophy is to “Treat the cause, not the symptoms” and takes great pleasure in being able to use this to maximise her clients overall health and well being, active resilience and performance.

Rebecca prides herself on her hands on approach, quality and excellence, ensuring the highest standard of service for every individual.

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys keeping a healthy and active lifestyle that includes the beach, family, food and travelling.

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