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Ready for the Run

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Kristy Hutchinson

Senior Exercise Physiologist


  • Bachelor of Human Movement (Exercise Physiology)


From a young age Kristy developed a passion and realised there were many benefits of maintaining a physically active lifestyle, as she has become older her passion for educating people to improve their health through exercise has only increased.


She believes sometimes people with chronic conditions, or persistent pain are often over prescribed or have misguided information about the correct exercises for their specific condition and can be afraid of exercise in case of exacerbating the condition.

Kristy is passionate about providing people with the correct exercises to help manage their chronic health or pain related conditions.


She has a special interest in low back pain, and women’s health .

Kristy has many year’s experience in assisting people to return to regular movement with low back pain through hydrotherapy and land based strengthening and has 15 years working across the aged care sector and in private practice.

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