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Created by Dr Linda-Joy Lee, a leading Canadian Physiotherapist in the professional field, Connect Therapy™ has developed the skills of our physiotherapist’s beyond the average Physio clinic. Our modern clinic radiates energy, passion, and professionalism. We use the latest techniques, technology and equipment combined with evidence-based physiotherapy practice to best serve Ulladulla and its surrounding communities. By integrating the Connect Therapy and the Thoracic Ring approach that is only offered by a few select practitioners on the Coast, we can gain more holistic and effective outcomes for our patients.

Have you tried other treatments but found that your problem keeps recurring or that you are chasing pain around your body?


Connect Therapy™ is the evolution of total body assessment and treatment frameworks to understand and treat the whole person. This involves a total body assessment and treatment strategy connecting the whole picture – finding the missing link (the driver) to chronic and long-term injuries. With a passion for delivering optimal, integrated, and holistic patient outcomes, Principle Physiotherapist Peter Howcroft has studied under Dr LJ Lee and is a series graduate in Connect Therapy. 

Do you feel you are not recovering from your pain or injury as quickly as you would like? Do you feel like past injuries are impacting your pain further up or down the chain in your body? Do you feel like something is missing from your recovery and you would like a more detailed assessment to find the underlying cause? Perhaps a Connect Therapy approach is for you! 


At Astute a Connect Therapy appointment involves a full body assessment to create an understanding of how different regions and systems of the body are connected. With hands-on techniques and robust clinical reasoning processes we source the driver of the problem to effectively design and implement treatment strategies. Our management is driven by your goals to achieve optimal function or performance. You can expect longer treatment sessions. 

If you are interested in this approach and want to “find your driver”, contact the clinic to put you in contact with our ConnectTherapy™ trained physiotherapist Peter.





Note: You do not require a General Practitioner (GP) referal unless you are attending as a DVA, Worker's Compensation, MVA patient or are qualifying for treatment under a Medicare EPC plan.

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