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Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You


  • Do I need a referral to attend an appointment
    No. Although many of our clients attend after seeing their GP, a referral is not required
  • How long will my appointment go for?
    Our consultation times are as follows: All initial consultations are 60 minutes duration to be able to take a comprehensive history and examination. Standard Follow Up consultations: Physiotherapy = 30 minutes Exercise Physiology = 45 minutes Group Classes = 50 minutes
  • Will I be the only person being treated during my appointment?
    YES, all our therapists treat one patient at a time and have your full attention. We do offer small group clinical pilates and exercise classes.
  • What should I expect from my first consultation?
    Your initial consultation will start with a medical history where your therapist will ask questions about your condition to help arrive at the most accurate diagnosis. A physical assessment is then conducted to confirm the injury diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made, time is taken to explain the injury and develop a clear management plan combining hands on treatment and exercise to fix your problem.
  • What should I wear for my first consultation?
    Loose clothing, Shorts and t-shirt/singlet is recommended as we need to have the injured part visible to properly assess your condition. Don’t worry if you forget, we have some for you to change into.
  • What should I bring to my consultation?
    Your private health fund card as well as any referral, scans or documents related to your condition.
  • What if I have a GP Management Plan?
    We work closely with many local GP's and specialists to achieve your goals and improve your health. Some conditions can be treated under a GP management plan. The full fee is required to be paid up front and a rebate will then be refunded into your account. Talk to your GP about your eligibility.
  • I have injured myself at work. What should I do?
    The first thing you should do if you have hurt yourself at work is to report it to your employer and make an appointment with your GP. If your GP thinks your injury requires physiotherapy or exercise physiology they will refer you to one. You will then be provided with a claim number which is required for funding. This process can sometimes take time, we can definitely assess and start the treatment in the meantime but this will require upfront payment which can then be reimbursed from your insurer. If you need more information, click here to be directed to SIRA, the governing body for workplace injuries.
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