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Astute Physiotherapists are highly-trained, dedicated and focused on the physical wellbeing of our patients. Old or young, active or not, we provide various treatment options that will not only stop pain, but improve your overall health.

Our physiotherapists are committed to ongoing education and training that provide the most up to date injury rehabilitation and prevention strategies. After a detailed discussion and thorough physical assessment, we’ll set you a highly customised treatment and exercise plan specific to your needs, and discuss the results you can expect.

All of our Physiotherapy treatments are evidence-based, consisting of ‘hands on' and exercise prescribed therapy. They focus on effective management aimed at restoring optimal movement patterns and tissue health, to achieve your full physical potential.

Conditions and Injuries We Commonly Treat:

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Other Services Provided

  • Specialised Swimming Assessment

  • Assistance with the use of aids (brace, splints and crutches)

  • Customised exercise programs to strengthen muscles and improve mobility

  • Mobility programs and specific muscle activation relearning

  • Athelete screening to prevent injuries

  • Falls prevention & balance problems

  • Gait analysis and orthotics

  • Exercise preparation

  • Dance Pointe Assessments 

  • Ergonomic workplace assessments

  • and many more…

Note: You do not require a General Practitioner (GP) referal unless you are attending as a DVA, Worker's Compensation, MVA patient or are qualifying for treatment under a Medicare EPC plan.

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