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Dry Needling is fast becoming a popular treatment option for management of musculoskeletal injuries, and with good reason! 

Once evolved from traditional acupuncture it has now become a staple in physiotherapy management. The treatment involves in the insertion of a sterile, single-use, ultrafine filament needle which is inserted directly into muscular trigger points. When the needle is inserted into the centre of the myofascial trigger point, it triggers a local twitch response. The needle stimulates the body to provide the muscle with fresh oxygen and nutrients, and to flush away acidic chemicals. This helps to release taut bands of muscle and fascia, thereby alleviating your pain.

It can also relieve pain by stimulating neurotransmitter and endorphin release, which acts as a natural ‘pain reliever.’ Dry Needling can increase the range of movement around joints, and improves circulation to the given area, resulting in a greater healing response. Dry Needling can be effective in targeting trigger points that are deep within the muscles. These trigger points can often be very difficult to reach with traditional massage and deep tissue release. This can be a successful alternative for reaching these chronic trigger points that simply aren’t letting go with other treatment.

Astute Physiotherapy offers Dry Needling treatment in our clinic.

Note: You do not require a General Practitioner (GP) referal unless you are attending as a DVA, Worker's Compensation, MVA patient or are qualifying for treatment under a Medicare EPC plan.

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