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We don't guess with your Health & Fitness

At Astute Physiotherapy, we believe every person deserves the elite athlete experience. It is for this reason, we are now employing the AxIT system – technology previously exclusive to elite sports teams – to measure how our clients move.

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The AxIT is comprised of three systems. Firstly, force plate technology – coined the ‘Stomp It’. This technology allows us to measure ground reaction forces as the body moves through space. For example, we can stand on the force plate during a squat movement to measure absolute strength, differences in strength between sides, in addition to the rate of force development. This information is vital in the assessment and rehabilitation of lower limb injuries – such as knee pain, hip back and even back pain. 

The other tools are named the ‘Pull It’ and ‘Push It’ – suitably allowing your physiotherapist to objectively measure your pull and push strength. Especially when utilised in upper body injury assessments, these significant muscle imbalances can underlie the majority of shoulder, neck and mid back injuries. 

Collectively, the AxIT provides your physiotherapist with measurable data which is then incorporated into your physiotherapy assessment. With this additional information, your physiotherapist can quantify areas of weakness and imbalance, and in turn, prescribe appropriate rehabilitation exercises, track your progress, and ensure the best outcomes in your rehabilitation.

This technology is NOT exclusive to sporting injuries. Take for example, the person with a rounded shoulder posture and recurrent neck and shoulder pain. A screen with AxIT can identify imbalances in your pull-to-push strength ratios, rotator cuff weakness and more. With this information, your physiotherapist can prescribe a specific rehabilitation program to prevent your pain from recurring. Better yet, we can supervise this rehabilitation utilising our fully equipped on site gymnasium to ensure you achieve the best outcomes. 

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