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Dance Assessments


Ballet Shoes

Pre Pointe Assessment

We assesses alignment, strength and joint mobility, prior to young dancers commencing pointe work.

The objective of the assessment is to protect the foot in its growth phase and prevent injury and problems later in life. If dancers do not have the requisite alignment, strength or mobility, we devise a home or supervised strength program within our modern fully equiped gym, to bridge the gap and fully prepare them for pointe work.


This assessment may also very occasionally identify dancers for whom en pointe is not recommended. Recommendations from your assessment can be fed back to your dance teacher, or they are welcome to attend with you.

Dance Assessment and Rehabilitation

Recovery from injury and return to full dance load are the focus of our work with dancers. We are available for physiotherapy treatment for a wide range of physical injuries. We often combine physiotherapy with Pilates to help you return to full physical health as quickly as possible.

Our physiotherapists provide this service and are available to educate dancers on how to prevent and manage dance related injuries. 

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