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Ready for the Run

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Peter Howcroft 


CEO & Principal Physiotherapist


Peter is the CEO & Principal Physiotherapist at Astute Physio since establishing the clinic with his wife Sascha in 2015. His vision has been to provide a modern, professional, high quality practice, to the area that he grew up in. A practice with high quality professional staff, one which you would expect to find in a metropolitan area.

Peter brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and a passion for physiotherapy and health. He has dedicated a large portion of his life to learning about the body and its optimal movements to help others. Peters treatment has been largely influenced by The Connect Therapy treatment model (learn more here), which focuses on identifying and treating the cause of someones pain, which often is not the area of pain.

When Peter's not at work, you will find him with his wife Sascha and their 4 young children, usually outdoors. He enjoys most things outdoors including surfing, mountain bike riding and chasing kids on bikes!

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