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Aquatic Physiotherapy


Swimming Together

Aquatic physiotherapy treatment (individually or in groups) incorporates individual assessment, diagnosis and the use of clinical reasoning skills to formulate a treatment program appropriate to the client. Reassessment is undertaken at the appropriate time by the physiotherapist, with outcome measures recorded in keeping with evidence-based practice.


The aim of aquatic physiotherapy at Astute is to assist with the rehabilitation of neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and psychological function of the individual. In some cases it will also assist in maintaining the client’s level of function or prevent deterioration (eg balance and falls prevention) or prevent injury (eg aid in recovery in a preventative sports medicine program).


Aquatic physiotherapy may involve individual treatment in a one to one situation or may be undertaken in groups or classes. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other rehabilitation practices.


Individual Aquatic Physiotherapy:

This form of treatment may utilise manual skills, demonstration and correction of exercise or facilitation of desired movement patterns and motor relearning.

Aquatic physiotherapy can also incorporate the development of independent movement in water and the prescription of modified swimming activities, taking into account pathological changes seen in neurological and orthopaedic/musculoskeletal conditions.


The level of disability or water competence of the client may necessitate individual treatment. Water safety and independent movement in water may also be taught or assessed.

Physiotherapy Prescribed Exercise Programs:

A physiotherapy prescribed exercise program may be selected as the appropriate mode of aquatic physiotherapy intervention for many reasons. It may be the best way of progressing rehabilitation and promoting independence. In some situations, referral to our Exercise Physiologist led Hydrotherapy Group Classes will be appropriate


Following assessment, treatment and instruction in selected aquatic activities, our physiotherapist may advise clients on a program that the client can perform independently.


Exercises will be reviewed at appropriate intervals while the client is being managed by the physiotherapist. This will depend on the client’s condition and rate of progress, and the program will be modified and/or progressed as required with outcomes measured regularly. In many cases, a client’s aquatic physiotherapy management will be integrated with land physiotherapy management. It is the responsibility of our physiotherapists involved in the client’s care to consider all appropriate modalities.

Aquatic Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology Hydrotherapy Sessions are conducted weekly at the Ulladulla Leisure Centre.  


Note: You do not require a General Practitioner (GP) referal unless you are attending as a DVA, Worker's Compensation, MVA patient or are qualifying for treatment under a Medicare EPC plan.

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