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Surgical Rehabilitation


Performing Surgery

Pre and Post Surgical Physio Programs

Whether you are seeking pre-surgical (prehabilitation) or post-surgical (rehabilitation) therapy, our physio’s have experience in a range of surgery types such as hip and knee replacements, ACL and shoulder reconstructions and orthopaedic surgeries such as insertion of pins and plates.

Our physiotherapists work closely with you and your surgeon to provide an appropriate rehabilitation program. This allows for close monitoring to ensure you are improving according to your plan along with your rehabilitation goals.

It is vital to complete a rehabilitation plan post-surgery to ensure you get the maximum benefits out of your particular surgery. This may be as simple as checking up with your physio to ensure your movement patterns have returned to normal or could involve a number of months of rehabilitation to improve range of motion, muscle strength, gait and biomechanics patterns along with symptom control.

Our services ensure that you get a comprehensive and personalised physio program for pre surgical or post surgical treatments. Our team of physiotherapists will help you live a life free from pain! 

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